"Rainbows for All Children is doing some amazing work. I'm well acquainted with the effects that unresolved or buried grief can have on a man’s life if he doesn’t resolve it when he’s younger. So many of the men Emmaus Ministries serves act out their anger, rage, shame, and grief — their responses to the traumas they suffered growing up — on a daily bases. It’s wonderful to see an organization that’s working to ensure that the wounded children of today don’t turn into the broken adults of tomorrow."
– Paul Goodell, Development Coordinator, Emmaus Ministries
"Rainbows is about new friendships and about sharing with others who have gone through or had similar losses. No one talks about you, but is nice and understanding."
– Jr. High Participant
"Rainbows is sharing my feelings and being with people who care."
– 4th Grade Participant
"I like Rainbows because it helps me share things that I don't get to talk about with my family and the group helped me because now I can share my feelings. I have been in Rainbows for two years and I will probably join again because for both years, it has really helped me."
– 12 Year Old Participant
"Thank you for Rainbows - it helped me feel better about not having a father by showing me that everyone does not have a big family, but at least I have one."
– 10 Year Old Participant
"I wholeheartedly support the work that the Rainbows organization does to assist children through their tragic times. There is no question that until we are able to address the hurt of young people, we cannot attempt to stop the violence or harm caused by them as they grow to be adults."
– Sanford J. Jones, Chief Judge, Juvenile Court of Fulton County, Atlanta Judicial Circuit Court
"The void filled by Rainbows is indescribable. I know that there is always a place to send grieving families. I know there are always well-trained, caring people...willing to help no matter what capacity."
– Laurell Allen-Reussow, President, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
"Thank goodness for Rainbows. I can't count the number of families we have referred to your program over the years. We routinely hear from parents thanking us for alerting them to Rainbows. Since all of the families we serve are involved in a custody or visitation dispute, they typically are in a severe state of crisis. Ironically, the children are often the people that are overlooked during the conflict, which makes Rainbows that much more critical to their well-being, providing an oasis of comfort and understanding in a world that, to them, often seems like it has turned upside down."
– David Royko, Psy.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Clinical Director
Marriage and Family Counseling Service
Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois
Author, Voices of Children of Divorce (St. Martin's Press)