Facilitator Responsibilities

Here are some of the responsibilities of a Rainbows trained Facilitator:

1. Provide Rainbows for All Children programs for FREE. Rainbows’ programs are free for all children from any and all economic, racial, ethnic, and religious backgrounds.

2. Keep us in the loop. By completing periodic Contact Information Surveys sent via email, Rainbows for All Children can keep an accurate database of active Rainbows Sites and groups. This allows Rainbows to refer those in need to the right Rainbows Site. Keeping track of active programs allows us to better support Facilitators and Sites, which, in turn, allows us to live up to our responsibilities to aid children, no matter where they live.

3. Notify us of changes. If you change jobs or positions, move, change your name, or make any other changes to information that you give to Rainbows for All Children as part of your initial registration, please fill out the change of information form and e-mail it back to us at info@rainbows.org.

4. Complete Rainbows group assessments. Rainbows for All Children is a nonprofit organization and depends on grants and donors to continue its mission. Many of these grants require Rainbows for All Children to submit detailed demographic information on children helped to continue funding. As a Facilitator, you will be asked to administer pre- and post-assessments to the participants in your group and their parents/guardians. You will also be asked to complete your own pre and post Rainbows Group assessment.

5. Maintain your Rainbows certification. Your Rainbows Facilitator Certification will expire 1 year from the date of purchase. You will then be asked to renew your certification for a small fee of $25.00.

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