See the Impact of Your Donation

This is Riley's story:

The summer before my daughter, Riley, started 1st grade was a difficult one.  Riley's father and I began a very tumultuous divorce, one that was painful for everyone in our family. At the same time, both of my maternal grandparents, who were very close with Riley, passed away within months of each other.

But thanks to donors like you, Riley's school has been an active Rainbows for All Children site for years. Her teacher at that time happened to be the school's Facilitator for Rainbows. She recommended I enroll Riley in Rainbows immediately.

Experts have found that guided peer-to-peer support programs like Rainbows get the best results. Children who participate in them are: 5 times less likely to commit suicide, 9 times less likely to drop out of high school, 10 times less likely to abuse drugs or alcohol, and 20 times less likely to develop a behavioral disorder.

Riley began Rainbows at the start of the school year. She         attended weekly sessions with other kids her age who were facing similar struggles with grief. She found companionship and trust among her peers in the group. She made new friends who understood her feelings and helped her heal. Today, Riley is a happy, healthy young girl, and the star of her volleyball team. 

This holiday season, I find myself giving thanks for Rainbows and their highly effective peer-to-peer support programs. I know they made a positive impact on my daughter, and I know they help thousands of other children across the country heal from grief every day. 

Please join me in making a gift to Rainbows in honor of my daughter and all the children who face their fears and anxieties to bravely work through the process of grieving thanks to Rainbows.  

All the best,

Kristen Lewis

Rainbows Parent