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Recordable Rainbow Bears- NEW


Recordable Rainbow Animals - Vibrant, stuffed animals featuring a 10-second recorder for a loved one's personal message. 

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***These unique animals are offered ONLY through BEARegards.com. Prices range from $19.99 to $26.95. You can order them through their website using the special RFAC discount code "rainbow" for a 15% discount.

Recordable Rainbow Animals - Soft, stuffed animal with rainbow colors on its body, comes with a durable 10-second recorder so a loved one can record their personal message for a child. This furry friend can comfort a child of any age who parent is deployed, suffering from a life-threatening illness, is incarcerated, or is separated/divorced. The Recordable Rainbow Animals can also be used by a child to record their own voice to help them express their feelings if they have trouble doing so.

There is a rainbows themed 8" stuffed bear, a 15" stuffed bear, and a 16" stuffed unicorn. Other types of animals are also available, as are additional materials like 30-second recorders and clothing for the stuffed animal for an additional cost.

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