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ACE-ing Grief is our in-house podcast hosted by Executive Director Stephanie Garrity. Episodes cover topics related to our mission of building communities so that no one has to grieve alone. Unlike many other grief organizations, Rainbows believes that all forms of grief deserve equal attention as young people are navigating the many changes and challenges of their world.

Topics include: general grief advocacy and awareness, divorce, deportation, deployment, as well as other Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) . Each episode offers unique perspectives from qualified guests, ways Rainbows has helped first hand, and a fresh dose of hope for those who are supporting youth facing loss and uncertainty.


Join us this Divorce Awareness Month as Executive Director, Stephanie Garrity, talks to amicable divorce attorney, Beth McCormack, recently divorced mother, Justine Karl, and Daniel Hunter of the Cook County Circuit Court, all about their experiences with divorce and the unique role it plays in adolescent grief.
To learn more about the, “Children and Teens Speak,” program in Cook County and how it can benefit your local court system, email Stephanie.Garrity@Rainbows.org.
Join us this Children’s Grief Awareness Day as Executive Director, Stephanie Garrity, talks to two Rainbows facilitators and a Rainbows parent about all of their experiences with grief during the holidays, what commonalities they have seen over the years during this time, and the lasting impact Rainbows groups can have on all parties.
Special thanks to: Dana Blumberg, Shannon Heidkamp, and Amy Junge for agreeing to share their stories with us in this important episode.
DISCLAIMER: Mention of addiction, death, and divorce.
Rainbows for All Children’s Executive Director, Stephanie Garrity, sits down to talk with Mike, Tom, and Tim Yehl: the original Rainbows kids. They reflect on life as children of divorce, growing up with their mom, and the 40th anniversary of their Suzy’s work to bring support and empowerment to children navigating loss and uncertainty all over the world.

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