Grief Programming

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Peer-support Groups

All programs are available both in – person and virtually 

  • Time-tested, evidence-based support group based on social-emotional learning 
  • Age-appropriate, community-based program 
  • Always FREE for families regardless of where they are located! 
  • All groups are led by certified Rainbows facilitators with clean federal background checks. 
  • Five core elements of crisis intervention: (present across all programming)
  1. Calming: mindfulness and breathing exercises 
  2. Self-efficacy: tools to empower, coping and problem-solving skills 
  3. Connectedness: community-building, supporting self and others 
  4. Hope: focus on positive 
  5. Sense of safety: emergency plan with every age group (Silver Linings only) 

Cook County Family Court Program

Children and Teens Speak


Program Highlights:

Process feelings


Guided activities


Children and Teens Speak is a free, four-hour, in-person Rainbows Support Group for children whose parents are going through a divorce, separation, or custody dispute. Children and Teens Speak is sponsored by the Cook County Domestic Relations Division and run by Northwestern University Masters and doctoral students who are trained and certified Rainbows facilitators.


Community Presentations

Rainbows for All Children offers presentations tailored to meet the unique needs of various community groups. These presentations are designed to raise awareness about the importance of supporting grieving children and teens, providing valuable insights and practical strategies for families, educators, mental health professionals, children, teens, and other community members. 

Efficacy Overview

Learn more about our 40 years of evidence based facilitator led peer-support curricula.

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Rainbows’ programs help children grieving the loss
of a parent or guardian due to death, divorce/separation,
deployment, deportation, incarceration or trauma.