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Useful Links


    • "The National Alliance for Grieving Children promotes awareness of the needs of children and teens grieving a death and provides education and resources for anyone who wants to support them."​ - NAGC Mission Statement
    • Road Home Program provides support services for those facing the challenges of life after deployment. They also provide services for the loved ones of the veteran. 
    • Grief Watch is a producer of bereavement books and materials. The organization also sponsors support groups in the Portland area for people dealing with various kinds of grief. 
    • ​"The Centering Corporation is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing education and resources for the bereaved. Centering was founded in 1977 by Joy and Dr. Marvin Johnson."
    • ​"Our aim is to be a source of information, support and hope for anyone whose loved one has died as a result of drug or alcohol use."
    • "Family & Children's Services promotes, supports and strengthens the well-being and behavioral health of adults, children and families."
    • ​Kids Health provides parents with a comprehensive resource guide about divorce.


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*Note: not all books only fall under the ages listed above. Some books listed with an * can also work for older ages as well.

Sunbeams: Ages 3-5

Rainbows Level 1: Ages 6-8

  • Death
    • How did Nonnie Get to Heaven* by Arlene Michlin Bronstein
    • When Aunt Mattie Got Her Wings by Petra Mathers
    • Not the End: A Child's Journey Through Grief by Mari Dombkowski
      • "I wrote Not the End to give hope to children who have experienced the death of a parent. My intention is that loved ones and those working with grieving children will use these pages as a springboard for discussion and a tool for healing. Through this true story, children can see that it is possible to continue to grow, thrive and enjoy life even after the loss of a parent. The hurt they feel at the beginning of grief- that hole in their hearts- will lessen over time as they move forward with their lives." -- Mari Dombkowski

Rainbows Level 2: Ages 8-10

  • Death
    • Comfort for the Grieving Soul by Carolyn Jane Neill
    • The Day Abigail's Fatheres Decided to Live with the Angels: Talking to a Child about Suicide* by Jamie Gallo, M.S., LPC, MBA
    • The Daffodils Still Grow- A Book for Grieving Daughters by Sherri Elizabeth Tidwell 
    • Emily Lost Someone She Loved by Kathleen Fucci
    • If it Were Up to Us by Shannon Everhart Collins
  • Chronic Illness
    • The Choice is Mine by Yael Shimoni-Shilo

Rainbows Level 3: Ages 10-12

  • Death
    • Circa Now* by Amber McRee Turner
      • Twelve-year-old Circe Monroe has a knack for restoring old photographs. It's a skill she learned from her dad, who loves old pictures and putting fun digital twists on them. One day, her father receives a strange phone call requesting an urgent delivery, and he heads out into a storm. The unimaginable happens: a tornado, then a terrible accident, and Circa never sees her dad again. Circa begins to notice something strange about the photos she and her father retouched- the digital flourishes added to the old photos seem to exist in real life.
    • The Distance Between Us: A Memoir by Reyna Grande 
  • Incarceration
    • You Can't Lock Up the Moon Book by Sharyl Green

Rainbows Level 4: Ages 12-14

  • Death
    • Healing Your Grieving Heart for Teens: 100 Practical Ideas* by Alan D Wolfelt PhD
      • This book offers different activities for teens to experience, process and mourn death.
    • Weird is Normal When Teenagers Grieve* by Jenny Lee Wheeler, Heidi Horsley PsyD
      • This unique self-help book is written by a grieving teenager who lost her father. She aims to support other grieving teenagers and validate their journey.

Spectrum Level 1: Ages 14-16

  • Death
    • Straight Talk About Death for Teenagers: How to Cope with Losing Someone You Love by Earl A Grollman
      • In this book, the author explains what to expect when you lose someone you love.
    • The Healing Your Grieving Heart Journal for Teens by Alan D Wolfelt PhD
      • This journal works to validate the grieving process for teens and offers nurturing guidance through the darkest times.

Spectrum Level 2: Ages 16-18

  • Death
    • You Are Not Alone: Teens Talk About Life After the Loss of a Parent by Lynne Huges
      • This book includes raw and heartfelt testimonials from teens who have lost a parent.

Books for Parents

  • Death
    • Healing the Hurt, Restoring the Hope by Suzy Yehl Marta (Founder of Rainbows for All Children)
  • Chronic Illness
    • The Mother's Promise by Sally Hepmworth
      • Alice and her daughter Zoe have been a family of two all their lives. Zoe has always struggled with crippling social anxiety and her mother has been her constant and fierce protector. With no family to speak of, and the identity of Zoe's father shrouded in mystery, their team of two works- until it doesn't. Until Alice gets sick and is given a grim prognosis. Desperate to find stability for Zoe, Alice reaches out to two women who are practically strangers, but who are her only hope: Kate, her oncology nurse, and Sonja, a social worker. As the four of them come together, a chain of events is set into motion and all four of them must confront their sharpest fears and secrets- secrets about abandonment, abuse, estrangement, and the deepest longing for a family. Imbued with heart and humour in even the darkest moments, The Mother's Promise is an unforgettable novel about the power of love and forgivness. 
  • Divorce
    • Between Two Worlds: The Inner Lives of Children of Divorce by Elizabeth Marquardt
    • The Truth About Children and Divorce: Dealing with the Emotions so You and Your Children Can Thrive by Robert E. Emery, PhD

Educational Brochures


Grief and Death

  • Caring for Kids After Trauma and Death: A Guide for Parents and Professionals by The Institute for Trauma and Stress at The NYU Child Study Center
    • This in-depth guidebook provides a synthesis of accumulated knowledge and looks at the full range of issues- the need for prevention, attention to critical needs in the midst of the crisisand reasoned research-based intervention over a longer period of time. It is an excellent resource for teachers, mental health providers and all caring adults helping children in times of grief. 
  • The Grief Journey of a Child: Helping Children Who Have Lost a Love One- What Kids in Grief Want You to Know by New York Life Foundation
    • This brochure is meant to help you help kids and families who are grieving. In it, you will find an overview of the research and related key findings, kids talking about grief in their own words, a perspective on childhood grief from a leading bereavement expert and some tips and resources for concerned friends of all ages.
  • After a Loved One Dies- How Child Grieve and how Parents and Other Adults can Support Them by David J. Schonfeld, MD and Marcia Quackenbusch, MS, MFT, CHES
  • Helping Children Cope with Death by madd Victim Services
    • ​This informational piece talks about the many factors that can impact the grief process, and emphasizes the importance of talking about the deceased. Remembering loved ones and keeping their memory alive is helpful and healing. Many thing's influence children's views on death. Age, religious beliefs, cultural or ethnic values, and their relationship to the deceased person are important factors that affect their understanding. However, the reactions of their caregivers are of primary importance in determining how children will cope with death.
  • Words that Help vs Words that Hurt by Children's Grief Education Association



  • Helping Children Cope When a Loved One Is on Military Deployment by Megan Allen and Lynn Staley

​​Educational Videos


  • Walking with Grief - Mindy Cassel at Coconut Grove TedX
    • Mindy is a licensed psychologist and thanatologist and the co-founder and CEO of the Children's Bereavement Center (CBC). In this very powerful Ted Talk she speaks how community can lead a child towards resilience, wisdom, confidence and hope for a future after death. She mentions the utmost importance of making connectors to those who were lost for children. Whether it be an object from a person who died, a picture or some other memorabilia, she states that during the adjustment process after death it is essential for children to retell their stories of their lost loved one over and over again. Holding onto memories, and talking about those who have died is very helpful and keeps a child afloat as they battle a sea of grief.
  • Against Grieving in Silence- Rachel Stephenson
    • When loss enters our lives, understanding how to confront it can be difficult. Rachel Stephenson learned a valuable lesson after a difficult loss and shares her wisdom on what it means to grieve meaningfully.
  • ​The Grieving Process: Coping with Death



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