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Mary Taormino


Beginning in August of 2023, Mary serves as Rainbows' Program Coordinator. Her responsibilities include updating program content, evaluating programs at all levels, developing trainings, translating materials to Spanish, researching resources, and more. Mary earned her Bachelor of Science from Michigan State University and Master of Art in Teaching from National Louis University. She has a strong educational background and a heart dedicated to making a difference.

As a certified educator with six years of teaching experience, Mary is well-versed in the world of education and passionate about helping youth not just survive, but thrive. During this time, she worked with classes that included students facing a myriad of challenges, including recent immigrants to the US, English Language Learners, children with incarcerated parents, children living with abandonment, and exposure to substance abuse within their communities. This firsthand experience has made Mary acutely aware of the critical need for support and guidance for children navigating the complex emotions of grief and trauma.

Mary's dedication to making a positive impact extends beyond the classroom. Her commitment to the non-profit sector led her to work in Detroit, where she contributed to initiatives aimed at improving food security and teaching garden education. In every endeavor, Mary has demonstrated commitment to uplifting communities and nurturing resilience in children.

In her time outside of the office, Mary is an artist. She finds joy in adding color to all things through her creative expressions, especially in the mediums of painting and fiber arts, such as embroidery and crochet. A Michigander at heart, she loves time by Lake Michigan, finding inspiration in the beauty of nature. She loves to create murals and paintings inspired by nature. Mary lives in Chicago with her sweet puppy and her partner.